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£1,400.00 £200.00
£1,400.00 £200.00
£1,400.00 £200.00
£1,400.00 £200.00

At RUDRA, our only dream is to offer options to each and every user to choose a herbal dyed textile over chemical dyed one,with no limitations to design, qantity, and quality

RUDRA HERBAL PVT. LTD is certified organic fabrics, textiles and yarns are used as the raw material. Dyeing, weaving, printing all is done under keen supervision to maintain quality standards. Dyeing of fabrics up to 120″ width has been achieved. Even lengths of up to 1000 meters in different fabrics like voile, poplin, twill , flannel, corduroy, denim, knits, silks is now achieved at RUDRA HERBAL PVT. LTD. has beautiful color palette of earthy shades and various prints ensuring no waste is generated. All the solid and liquid waste is used as manure and to irrigate their farms.

The process of herbal dyeing was developed through extensive research during the age -old dyeing methods practiced since the days of the Indus civilization. Herbs are used to create different colors .Depending on the plants or herbs used for various health benefits. Herbal cloth is used by the Ayurveda health clinics in the treatment of many diseases such as diabetes, skin infections, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, cardiac problems, hypertension, high blood pressure and as general health problems . The natural/herbal fabrics are 100% organic, completely free of synthetic chemicals, toxic irritants and are biodegradable. The color of the fabric is derived from the medicinal preparation only that has specific health or wellness benefits proven by both traditional knowledge as well as clinical research.

herbal material

Use of herbal material in the process of dyeing , do not release any pollutants in the nature, thus the process is completely eco- friendly

herbal dyes

Use of herbal dyes improves the aesthetic quality of the cotton fabrics in ecofriendly way. they are naturally dyes.


Natural fibers and natural dyes used in preparation of herbal cloths, allows its natural breakdown without damaging environment.

Law cost

The production cost is low, hence the herbal cloths price is less can be reached to many parts of the world.

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Dyeing procedure
  • Bleaching
  • Desizing / Gumming
  • Mordanting
  • Dyeing (Medication)
  • Finishing